About Us

We are a home based business located in Plymouth, Michigan.
Our home is a smoke free environment.  We started by making
bears for friends and family members as gifts. Once other people
saw them, requests started coming in to make bears for them to
give as gifts. This is how we got into selling bears. The next thing
we knew, we were making bears for everyone we knew and then
everyone they knew. Then we started taking them to craft shows
for holidays and selling them there. And now, here we are, making
bears for you!!

Special care and attention is given to each and every bear to assure
quality. We have been making bears since July 2004, and have
made hundreds of bears and brought smiles to many little ones and
big ones alike. Let us bring some smiles to your family and friends!

Plymouth, MI 48170
phone: 734-748-6222
DD's Memory Bears
In addition to Memory Bears, we also make
Memory Puppies. Puppies are approximately
12" long and 8" high.

Puppy Pricing:

Memory Puppies are $50 each


Puppies have eye and nose
parts that can be pulled off.
Not recommended for young
This Puppy was made in Memory of
Brandy. It was made out of the bed
she used to sleep in.
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